Water Treatment


Chemicals are a necessary factor in keeping your leisure facility clean and running efficiently.

We supply a wide range of swimming pool, spa and hot tub chemicals in a variety of sizes and types.

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Chemical Dosing


SSL Chemical Dosing Unit

The SSL 2012 range of swimming pool chemical dosing controllers have been designed to three main criteria:


1. Improved Control

Better process control leads to reduced chemical usage, lower osts and an improved bathing experience.

2. Improved Safety

Better sensors lead to a better process control which leads to less variation in chlorine residuals even with highly variable bathing load.

3. Improved Sensors

The quality of the sensors has a huge effect on the ability of the controller to maintain a safe and pleasant bathing water.

The sensors used in the SSL 2012 range are the best available in the world today and are the same sensors used to monitor and control drinking water. Plus, if the sensors are correctly maintained they will have a life up to 10 years.


UV Systems


Commercial UV SystemUV Systems are used to disinfect water as it passes through the system. The bound chlorine is broken down by the UV light which can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 80%. This also prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the eyes and skin. The UV light keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control protecting your pool from germs. UV light at relatively low doses will also inactivate the Cryptosporidium organism which causes illness with diarrhoea in humans.

Domestic UV System

 We offer two versions of our UV system, one for Domestic Swimming pools and one for Commercial Swimming Pools. Both of these systems include a built-in timer to manage periods of circulation pump shutdown, easy installation and maintenance and digital indication when the lamp needs replacing.