Swimming Pool Covers

With environmentally concerned organisations such as the Carbon Trust advising the use of pool covers, pool managers should need no convincing about their benefits. Costly as they may be as a one-off investment, pool covers save energy and conserve water (and so water treatment chemicals) and contribute to a reduction in your facility’s carbon footprint. Add to that the various safety considerations and the case is surely made, although in commercial settings simple energy conservation may be considered the most relevant argument for covering the pool up.

With over 90% of a swimming pool’s heat loss coming via the water surface, installing a heat retention cover can reduce heat loss by up to 87%.


Pool Covers


The Geo-Bubble pool covers are specially designed to combat the effects of UV and pool chemicals. The new design of the bubbles reduces the areas of weakness that can cause damage to the cover and also allows the bubbles to be larger allowing for more air expansion.

Exclusive 600 Micron Pool Cover


Pool Cover Rollers


The new Eco Reel cover roller offers exceptional value for money by combining high quality stainless steel end supports with a sturdy telescopic aluminium tube system and all the features you would expect from a premium style roller.

Mobile Cover Rollers


Winter Debris Pool Covers


Winter Debris Covers are the perfect way to keep your outdoor pool protected from the harsh elements of winter. Made with high density woven polypropylene fabric, provides high resistance from chemicals and weathering and offers maximum shading capacity, reducing the growth of algae.

Winter Debris Cover