Liner Pools

Liner Pools have become increasingly popular over the past years for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. A liner pool uses a vinyl material placed in the pool acting as a ‘bag’ to hold the water. This is used as an alternative to the traditional tiled walls and gives the customer more versatility in the design of their swimming pool. The expected life of one of our liners is 10 years and is specially manufactured to help guard against abrasion, staining and UV attack. The liners are also highly flexible and have a high resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing.

For those of you wanting to keep your liner looking perfect for as long as possible, our liners include anti-microbial bodies to help biological attack and marking and are manufactured to resist temperatures up to 30°C and pool chemicals in a balanced water environment.

We offer both on-site lining and liner fabrication allowing us to cater to your exact needs and the needs of your swimming pool.


On-Site Lining

Service Solutions has the ability to come out to the site and fit the liner without having to measure and pre-fabricate the liner beforehand. Using our technical knowledge combined with the correct equipment we can fit liners into almost any pool.

Liner Fabrication

For more complex shapes of pools with banks, curves and complicated step designs, we can take measurements for a fabricated liner to be made off-site and then be fitted by us.


Plus, with all our liner orders, we give you a free Fittings Replacement Kit.

Liner Replacement Kit


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