Spas and Super Spas are growing in popularity all the time both in domestic and commercial markets. Spa pools come in many variations, but are commonly used for sitting and contain water between 32°C and 40°C.

There are many benefits of spa baths. These are mainly in health and beauty. Baths have been in use since Roman times as far back as about 500 BC. Romans used hot baths as a form of relaxing, socialising and maintaining well being or maintaining good health.

Spa baths of modern times use heated water and air jets and were originally used for hydro-therapeutic massages to relieve the pains of arthritis. But spa baths these days are actually  more popular as a form of relaxation and socialising, the same way the Romans were using them 2500 years ago.

The basic things of spa baths are heat, massage and buoyancy. These three things make spa baths a very enjoyable experience for everyone. The health benefits of spa baths are good blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, improved sleep, relieving stress, relieving arthritis pain and faster recovery from injuries and weakness.

The warm massages you experience in spa baths can dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. This improvement in blood circulation can relax the muscles after daylong fatigue, improving sleeping and reducing both mental and physical stress.