Southport Swimming Pool Refurbishment

We have just finished a major Swimming Pool refurbishment job in Southport. The job required us to re-patch all the holes, ensure it was water-tight and then re-paint. We had men working onsite around-the-clock through the duration of the job to ensure the pool can be up and running as soon as possible without any disruption to the customers.

Pools can weather over time and, as with this one, can get near to the point of being unusable if not dealt with soon. As you can see from the pictures below, it’s amazing what a lick of paint can do! It has completely transformed the pool area as well as sorting the problem of ensuring the pool is water-tight.

We have completed many jobs like this in the past, so our previous knowledge enabled us to finish this job quickly and effectively. If you think your pool is coming near to it’s end, call us up and maybe we can help you bring a new lease of life to your beloved pool.

Southport Swimming Pool Before

Swimming Pool before


Southport Swimming Pool After

Swimming Pool after