Service Contract

Want to just enjoy your leisure facility and let someone else do all the dirty work? Well SSL Pools can offer you a Service SSL Service System& Maintenance Contract ranging from from Weekly to Annually.

Both our Domestic and Commercial Service contracts cover all your routine service needs:

  • Balancing of Pool Chemicals
  • Vacuuming of Pool
  • Cleaning of Scum Lines
  • Filter backwashing
  • Checking of Filtration Plant Equipment and all Pipework

As part of this contract you will also receive full telephone support and a report is electronically sent to you after each visit.

We can fully service all chemical dosing systems such as:

  • Topline
  • Stranco/Siemens
  • Prominent

Or we can retrofit our own high quality system using our far superior long lasting Free Chlorine Probes. We have an auto dosing solution for every scenario. See more information on our very own dosing system here.







If you are having trouble with your Swimming Pool, Spa, Hot Tub or Feature Room, then we can offer you a one-time chargeable reactive callout. This service can range from getting your pool back up and running after a period of down-time, to fixing faulty pumps/piping or to just simply balance your chemicals correctly.

Prices vary so make sure you call our office to see what offer we can give you.





Is your pool looking old and outdated? Or does it simply not function correctly? Well SSL Pools offers a fantastic and competitive refurbishment and repair service that can see your rustic or faulty Swimming Pool transformed back into the stunning facility you were once proud of. Offering services for re-tiling, specialist cleaning, painting, replacing old liners and fitting new plant equipment we will ensure your Swimming Pool is the pride and joy of your home once more.


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Filter Sand Changes

Filter Sand Changes


We recommend the sand media in your Hydrotherapy and Spa filters should be changed every 12 months and every 24 months on your swimming pool filter.

We can perform a crust change, full sand change (arranging the removal from site of the used sand media) or full sand Filter refurbishment.