Feature Rooms

Here at Service Solutions we can offer you a whole range of different and exciting new feature rooms for your project. Feature rooms bring a whole new dimension to a customer’s pleasure and will undoubtedly be a huge selling point for your establishment. Offering the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence, Service Solutions will design and install all feature rooms to your taste with you in mind.



A tiled room with heated seats and walls to provide deep heat penetration to the body and an atmosphere infused with aromatic steam for total relaxation. The steam is gently blown into the room via our new anti scald system.


Rasul Room

The Rasul ritual involves several types of mud with different mineral content being smoothed over the face and body. Whilst relaxing to soft music in heated tiled seats the muds harden and draw toxins from the body. Essential oil is wafted into the room during the drying process to aid relaxation, followed by steam to loosen the mud. Finally, warm shower sprays run down from the ceiling to wash away the mud residues.

Our system is fully automatic with the sequences timed over a period of 45 minutes for the whole treatment. Once completed, the experience will leave your skin feeling like new and totally cleansed. 


Foot Spas

Our Foot Spa system has a heated bench seat and pairs of foot baths. Each pair of foot wells will fill automatically on demand with hot and cold water. Once filled, the hot water will start to bubble and reflexology treatment commences with the warm bubbles stimulating the reflex zones in the soles of the feet. After a pre-determined period, the warm bubbles will cease and bubbles will commence in the cold foot well. Transferring the feet to the cold bubbles will further stimulate the reflex zones and cool the body ready for the next experience. At the end of the cycle both foot wells will drain down ready for the next demand.



Probably the most essential part of any Spa or Wellness facility are the showers, providing our most basic need for freshness, cleanliness and hygiene. We have developed a range of enclosures with mosaic tiled interiors or even a rocky cavern enclosure. Within the enclosure we can fit a simple bucket douche, waterfall, monsoon or rainforest experience with lighting effects and thunder & lightning sounds. 



Cleverly designed in glass blocks with glass mosaic tiled seating, the igloo delivers a constant supply of flaked ice to a central glass bowl. Handfuls of ice flakes rubbed over the body after various heat experiences stimulates the immune system and circulation. Cooled to around 12 degrees, bathed in blue fibre optic light, the Igloo provides a must try finale to any Spa facility.



The Tepidarium is a warm tiled room housing heated, tiled loungers, ergonomically contoured for comfort. This is the ideal place to relax after other spa experiences. Bathed in subtly changing coloured light, the gentle sound of water from the built in water feature, smell of herbal fragrances and sound of melodious music allow you to drift away from the pressures of daily life.


For a full list of the feature rooms we offer, please call us or download our brochure here.